Talk on the phone with someone else stuck at home.

Runs on the iOS and Android app Dialup

Your number is for signup purposes only and will never be shared. You can choose your call settings later.

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What is QuarantineChat?

Connecting isolated people

We simulate the magic of having a surprise conversation with someone—something that is becoming increasingly rare during the times of a viral epidemic.

Serendipitous conversations

Get weekly calls that pair you with another person in a one-on-one. Talk about anything: what you're cooking for dinner, your dreams, or the global economy.

It's totally free, worldwide

QuarantineChat calls happen over the internet through the app Dialup instead of the phone system, so they’re entirely toll-free. That's how we keep our costs low.

Featured in

I have listened to the voices and stories of strangers: a pastry chef, a drama teacher, a foreign-exchange student. Briefly, I understood what it was to be them – and they understood what it is like to be me.

Jessica Pan, The Guardian

The conversations were, for the most part, effortless, inconsequential. I didn’t know when they were going to come, and I didn’t know where they were going to go. When I hung up, I felt transported.

Devi Lockwood, The New York Times

How it works.

Once you sign up and choose your language preferences, you'll be subscribed to periodic calls. Your caller ID will always say "QuarantineChat" when your phone rings.

After a brief moment on hold, you'll match with another random person. You don't have to pick up if you're busy—your partner will be automatically matched with someone else. And you can join and leave the line whenever you'd like.

It's private. You use your phone number to sign up for Dialup, but your matches will only ever see your username.

All calls are end-to-end encrypted.

Our policies

We do not tolerate hatred or jokes about suffering.This is also not a place to seek or give medical help.Please be kind and conscientious.

About the project.

We created QuarantineChat as a response to the coronavirus causing people in cities to be in quarantine, isolating humans from each other. While people can still talk to their friends and family virtually, the experience of spontaneously talking to a stranger is now missing from many of our lives.

Whether the virus has affected you, or you're worried, or you live in the woods—your phone might ring and connect you to another interesting person you should meet. COVID-19 is not a lighthearted matter, but we hope this project brings people moments of joy in an otherwise dark time.

QuarantineChat was created by artists Danielle Baskin and Max Hawkins who also created Dialup. who have stayed in touch over the phone through random calls for the last two years.

Common Questions

Does this work on a landline or non-smartphones?

Sorry, right now QuarantineChat only works through the iOS or Android app, Dialup. We don't use phone numbers as calls occur over the internet. We might integrate with landlines and non-smartphones eventually!

Why aren't I getting the SMS link when I sign up?

Why can't I find the app?

Why aren't I getting calls?

Can I talk to people in any language?

Can I choose what times I get a call?

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Works on iOS and Android

Issues signing up? Contact [email protected].